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1:59pm 03-27-2013
Happy and Blessed Easter to everyone.
6:33pm 12-13-2012
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to everyone
4:50pm 08-10-2012
Very slow process, but some progress is being made. My MM Site is no longer hosted by Yahoo - but is still, at a new host. Will be trying to make some changes so pages that do not work will work again.

Wish me luck
1:03am 07-01-2012
Wishing you Happy Canada Day and hope to see you featured in more heartwarming tv like the great role you played in Road to Avonlea. No 2 fan, Sue
3:40am 05-18-2012

This is the link for MM's Facebook page
3:37am 05-18-2012
One of these days I WILL get Dreamweaver program working, and I WILL make changes to the site and fix broken links. I know - it seems like it is taking forever - but I haven't given up hope and hope you don't either ...sigh ...
11:48pm 05-09-2012
Hey,had googled your name,and "Volla" I am from the Kirklandlake area,and attenden Queen Elizebeth school with you.The last time we met was in KL many years ago,I think you were studying acting.Email me,and I have a shit load to tell you.My last name "back in the day!" was Gallant.
9:49am 03-19-2012
Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all
8:16am 12-23-2011
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to all.
10:04pm 09-09-2011
I just stumbled upon this website, and was very impressed. And I really enjoyed looking through all your great pictures! It was also interesting to see Mickey checking in every once in a while A great fansite! Thank you!
3:12pm 08-16-2011

Sullivan Entertainment website has a page on the movie By Way of the Stars ... Mickey played Ben Davis in this movie.
3:13pm 08-09-2011
In the past few years I have gotten a number of nice RTA items from Sullivan Entertainment gift shop. You can buy items directly from Sullivan Entertainment, which we already know - but, that now some items are also being listed on E-Bay.

And in other news. Sullivan Entertainment has Zach Bennett's Tin Star Orphans on it's website , just listed today. For anyone who hasn't seen Zach in awhile, here is a good opportunity to see and hear him. Zach is all grown up now
11:39am 08-01-2011
David Leyes is the name of the photographer who took some of MM's new photos for his professional web site =
Is the URL for MM's new professional web site. Enjoy
7:48am 07-16-2011
J'ai découvert le merveilleux acteur qu'est monsieur Mahonen dans les Contes d'Avonlea. Je suis du Québec, et malheureusement je ne viens que de découvrir ce comédien de grand talent. Longue vie à lui et beaucoup de succès !


Montréal (Québec)
4:44pm 06-22-2011
I just love the Road to Avonlea series and I hope to come across more from your acting days.
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