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2:49pm 09-22-2013
"i love you"
5:10pm 09-12-2013
Hummmmmmm... interesting MM post.

Forgive me for being a kill joy ... but the comment below does not look or sound like anything that Mickey would actually write. So, who ever the MM-want-to-be is = hope posting it made you happy. It made me smile , so i will not remove it.
7:21pm 08-19-2013
michael mahonen
thanks to all my fans. i love each and every one of you nearly as much as gus pike loves felicity. hugs and kisses, mm.
9:12pm 05-03-2013
Hi Mr Mahonen! I congratulate you for tour role of Gus Pike in Road to Avonlea. I congratulate you also for your film "Stanstorm" and your implications for humanity.
Don't give up.
Sincerely Robert.
2:28pm 04-12-2013
loved you as Gus Pike in Road to Avonlea.You are a brilliant actor and a very handsome man.x
1:59pm 03-27-2013
Happy and Blessed Easter to everyone.
6:33pm 12-13-2012
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to everyone
4:50pm 08-10-2012
Very slow process, but some progress is being made. My MM Site is no longer hosted by Yahoo - but is still, at a new host. Will be trying to make some changes so pages that do not work will work again.

Wish me luck
1:03am 07-01-2012
Wishing you Happy Canada Day and hope to see you featured in more heartwarming tv like the great role you played in Road to Avonlea. No 2 fan, Sue
3:40am 05-18-2012

This is the link for MM's Facebook page
3:37am 05-18-2012
One of these days I WILL get Dreamweaver program working, and I WILL make changes to the site and fix broken links. I know - it seems like it is taking forever - but I haven't given up hope and hope you don't either ...sigh ...
11:48pm 05-09-2012
Hey,had googled your name,and "Volla" I am from the Kirklandlake area,and attenden Queen Elizebeth school with you.The last time we met was in KL many years ago,I think you were studying acting.Email me,and I have a shit load to tell you.My last name "back in the day!" was Gallant.
9:49am 03-19-2012
Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all
8:16am 12-23-2011
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to all.
10:04pm 09-09-2011
I just stumbled upon this website, and was very impressed. And I really enjoyed looking through all your great pictures! It was also interesting to see Mickey checking in every once in a while A great fansite! Thank you!
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