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4:13pm 12-16-2010
LOL I have not given up on this site, I am just having more problems than I had anticipated in getting the Dreamweaver program to work the way I want it to. Am, getting some help soon, and then will be able to activate some of the pages that do not work right now.

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, happy Holidays and a Happy and prosperous New Year 2011

3:56pm 11-21-2010
Sono molto felice di aver scoperto questa fantastica pagina! Sono fan di Michael da qualche giorno grazie al telefilm Road to Avonlea e sono rimasta scoccata da lui!! Complimenti e scusa ma studio da pochi anni l'inglese Rieti ( Italy)
8:01pm 11-17-2010
I have found my new favourite actor. I look forward to seeing you in movies and shows. I love your charactor Gus Pike. You do a great job and I enjoy your performances. Louisbourg, NS.
6:24pm 10-05-2010
I cant begin to tell you how much I enjoy the Road To Avonlea, I watch it everynight, even the repeats now. Wishing those times were still around,family, friends, and events. You are a great actor and your sincerity shows.I wish you would come to Nova Scotia sometime, would love to meet you, its just a dream I have, all the best to you,.....Carole Slade, Hfx
7:59pm 06-25-2010
Don't want to get too excited but the Dreamweaver program is now working ( that is why the front page looks "neat" now) but it will take awhile to get all of the pages running properly and looking as they should.( * sigh of relief* :whistle
2:52am 06-12-2010
I have a friend working on my web site, and hopefully the files will be ready soon - and I will be able to make Dreamweaver work with the existing pages, and will be able to make and post new pages. ( keeping fingers crossed, LOL). It has been a long work in progress - hoping for results - soon !!!!
12:52pm 04-27-2010
Happy birthday Mickey ....birthday hugs from Kitty
5:39am 04-27-2010
4:00pm 04-23-2010
Just deleted an add ... no junk posting is allowed here, LOL. You post junk I will delete.

5:27pm 04-14-2010
Thank you Jaga
10:22pm 04-11-2010
I love your site!
4:13pm 03-23-2010
Reading the Dreamweaver book and it is a great help ... should be able to make changes on the site before too long. Yes, I know, it has been a long time since I made changes ...sigh... but I have been busy with so many things lately; and overtime at work, too. The proverbial cliche "Not enough hours in the day " to do everything.
4:27am 02-25-2010
Just got a book for Dreamweaver ... now I need to read it and find out how to use the program. Wish me luck. LOL
8:22am 01-29-2010
Thanks, Shelly. I already looked at ( and downloaded ) SeaMonkey. It said it took over where Netscape left off, but I could not find Composer. I found SeaMonkey Composer on the internet. When I went to download it, I got a message that it was not compatible with my operating system.

Since I have over 100 pages on my site, I really do not want to have to make each and everyone of them over again; but I just may have to.

And so, the search goes on.

Thanks so much for your input
7:25pm 01-28-2010
Kitty, go to seamonkey-project(dot)org. It's a browser, email/newsgroup/RSS feed reader, and (wait for it!) an HTML editor all in one. While I've not used it, I would think the HTML editor would be similar to Composer.
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