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10:42pm 03-29-2011
We have been enjoying the Road to Avonlea DVDs. Very good family movies.
9:02am 02-25-2011
Found this site while looking at the "Gus Pike" wikepedia site. I watch Road to Avonlea everyday and really enjoy the wholesomeness of the show. Gus has always been my favorite character and I plan to check out your other works!! :-)
1:33pm 02-20-2011
I've enjoyed re-visiting the Ann of Green Gables series and those that followed..our local library has some to the Road to Avonlea DVDs--I am always curious about any actor in good decent movies of all ages...even tho I am in my late 50's I still enjoy decent movies w/o all that language and vulgar scenes..I always wanted to write to Katheryn Hepburn and tell her how much I appreciate her acting and role choices...since she has long gone onto a better place..I wish to say thank you Mr. Mahonen for such great acting skills...If you view this-do you still keep in contact with the other great actors/actress from Avonlea...good luck in the future and congradulations on achieving your goals....
12:51am 01-30-2011
Hi Micheal, have always enjoyed seeing you on my screen! As Gus Pike you were.........Gus Pike! Was cool to see you opposite Billy Dee Williams in "Giant Steps" played "Arvo"........a Finnish name, as is your last name....
Am Canadian/Finn myself and spent a large part of my childhood in Kirkland are one year older than my youngest son.... I so appreciate your work, kiitoksia!!!
3:19pm 01-03-2011
Hi every one, I'm just another Gus Pike fan. I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great new year!
4:13pm 12-16-2010
LOL I have not given up on this site, I am just having more problems than I had anticipated in getting the Dreamweaver program to work the way I want it to. Am, getting some help soon, and then will be able to activate some of the pages that do not work right now.

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, happy Holidays and a Happy and prosperous New Year 2011

3:56pm 11-21-2010
Sono molto felice di aver scoperto questa fantastica pagina! Sono fan di Michael da qualche giorno grazie al telefilm Road to Avonlea e sono rimasta scoccata da lui!! Complimenti e scusa ma studio da pochi anni l'inglese Rieti ( Italy)
8:01pm 11-17-2010
I have found my new favourite actor. I look forward to seeing you in movies and shows. I love your charactor Gus Pike. You do a great job and I enjoy your performances. Louisbourg, NS.
6:24pm 10-05-2010
I cant begin to tell you how much I enjoy the Road To Avonlea, I watch it everynight, even the repeats now. Wishing those times were still around,family, friends, and events. You are a great actor and your sincerity shows.I wish you would come to Nova Scotia sometime, would love to meet you, its just a dream I have, all the best to you,.....Carole Slade, Hfx
7:59pm 06-25-2010
Don't want to get too excited but the Dreamweaver program is now working ( that is why the front page looks "neat" now) but it will take awhile to get all of the pages running properly and looking as they should.( * sigh of relief* )
2:52am 06-12-2010
I have a friend working on my web site, and hopefully the files will be ready soon - and I will be able to make Dreamweaver work with the existing pages, and will be able to make and post new pages. ( keeping fingers crossed, LOL). It has been a long work in progress - hoping for results - soon !!!!
12:52pm 04-27-2010
Happy birthday Mickey ....birthday hugs from Kitty
5:39am 04-27-2010
4:00pm 04-23-2010
Just deleted an add ... no junk posting is allowed here, LOL. You post junk I will delete.

5:27pm 04-14-2010
Thank you Jaga
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