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6:03pm 06-04-2008
Hi G. Robertson,

I, too, would like to get a copy of "Conspiracy of Silence" on DVD, but unfortunately, I have only been able to find it on VHS.

The video was put out by CBC TV in Toronto... perhaps, if you wrote to CBC - and enough other people did as well - they might consider issuing it on DVD.

12:00pm 06-04-2008
I'd like to obtain a copy of the miniseries 'Conspiracy of Silence' preferably
DVD, but ok on video. Any way possible?? It's a very well done movie.

Thank you.
12:21pm 06-01-2008
12:20pm 06-01-2008
LOL... thanks, Angel, for all of the happy, smiley faces and for the birthday wishes.

1:57pm 05-26-2008
7:42pm 05-15-2008
Two more...
6:30pm 05-10-2008
Thank you and the same to everyone. Many best wishes to all and even to those who are like mothers. I am blessed with four daughters from ages that vary between 15yrs to 5yrs.
and a group hug,
10:25am 05-10-2008
Hi Everyone

I'd like to wish everyone who is a Mother a Happy Mothers Day -

1:18am 05-10-2008
More info...

Blindness at Cannes
10:18pm 05-01-2008
Michael Mahonen
Hi everyone!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Merci! Very nice. : ) I wish all of you Happy Birthday as well, belatedly or in advance.

Thank you for the info on the movie Blindness, Shelly. I personally won't be involved in any of the festivals anywhere, as my involvement in the film is very small. But I hope that their movie does well. The director, Fernando is a real gentleman, pleasant as ever all the time I was there and there were many nice people working on the project.

Be well, all!

10:09am 04-30-2008
Okay...I checked it out and it just says that the prequil - Anne A New Beginning, will air this spring!!! We'll see!
I still have a dream of an Avonlea reunion - 2 hour - special show...hehe! Yup with our HANDSOME Mickey!!!!
9:48am 04-30-2008
Happy Belated BIRTHDAY Mickey!!!
Hi Kitty and everyone...happy spring! I normaly look so forward to our AvCon get togethers in the summer...I will miss everyone this year...but prayerfuly we will maybe perhaps have one in 2009? I dont know how its going to work...I just pray it can happen!
How are you Kitty? Hope all is well...
Have a great day everyone.....oh, anyone know when Anne 4 will be airing? I guess I should visit the Sullivan site..that would help eh? Okay off I go to catch up on the Angel
11:01pm 04-29-2008
Happy belated to Mick.

Big news regarding Blindness...
7:18pm 04-25-2008
Hello Marie-Eve,

Merci for your messages in English and French. I am sure people who have no English but do have French will appreciate you posting in both languages.

Non - your message is not too long.

I am sure all of Michael's fans are hoping to see his beautiful face in more movies or television shows in the near future.

Happy Birthday to Michael , this Sunday, April 27, 2008.

1:59am 04-25-2008
Je vais écrire mon message dans les deux langues!! En commencant par le francais...Bien entendu!!
Je me suis rendu compte que plusieurs personnes avaient fait des messages en francais...Donc!! Aucun idée si Michael parle francais, mais j'espère qu'il est déjà venu dans la belle capitale nationale qu'est la ville de Québec!! Nous serions effectivement honoré que Michael vienne nous rendre visite!
Mais, restons à l'essentiel!!

Je voulais simplement souhaiter un très joyeux anniversaire à Michael. Je lui souhaite tout ce qu'il veut, de l'amour (le plus important de tous) et de la santé. Puisse-tu continuer de nous faire voyager avec tous tes rôles. Je suis toujours heureuse de voir des films avec ce si beau visage!
Donc, bonne fête à notre Taureau préféré! (Comme moi!! hihihihi!!)

Excusez-moi de mon long message! je suis souvent difficile à arrêter quand je commence à parler!

Marie-Eve Bélanger

So i've to translate now!

I've decided to write my message in the two official language of Canada, because I noticed that several other people had written their message in french. So!! I don't know if Michael speaks and understand french, but i hope that it already came in the beautiful capital which is the town of Quebec! We would be actually honoured that Michael comes to visit us!

I've to stay at the message essence!

I wanted simply wish a very happy birthday to Michael (before the day!). I wish all that you want, love (most important of all) and good health. Continue to make us travel with all your roles. I'm always happy to see movies with this beautiful face!
So, again, happy birthday to our preferred Taurus! (like me!! hihihihi!!)

I'm really sorry for the rather long message, but when i'm starting to speak, i've lot of difficulty to stop!

Marie-Eve Bélanger

See you later, Best Wishes

P.S. I hope that you didn't have too much difficulty with my french message!
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