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9:14pm 08-01-2008
Blindness is going to open the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax...
5:10pm 07-28-2008
I just came across the website after thinking about some of my favorite shows as a kid and I am glad to see you are still acting. I remember how intense it was for me when your character Gus finally kissed Felicity (I think I got the names right). I was on cloud nine and then the show ended. It had built up to that point forever, but that's cool. Cheers Mickey!
5:36pm 07-09-2008
Road to Avonlea is by far the best show and Michael did an outstanding performance as Gus Pike.

4:42pm 07-07-2008
Thanks Shelly,

I've seen it on e-Bay on the British "store" a number of times, I even bought one once for the photos on the box. LOL. NJO iut would not play on my VHS machine.

If you have a VHS player that plays the PAL format, this is a good deal ... but it will not play on the US or Canadian VHS machines, sigh ...

Thanks for looking it up on those other sites, you are a real pal.

I am hoping that CBC TV in Canada might someday break down and issue it on a DVD. Well, I can hope.

Thanks again, Shells.

10:31pm 07-06-2008
There is one VHS copy of the one Mick is in on eBay...only its starting bid is $33+ (£16.99) from a UK seller. I phrase it that way because there's another movie with the same title (released in 2005 or so) up for sale on there as well. I also looked it up on (their specialty is new and used books, movies, and CDs); but it wasn't there.

Lifetime TV in the US used to air it on occasion; but I've not seen it come up in a very long time.
6:03pm 06-04-2008
Hi G. Robertson,

I, too, would like to get a copy of "Conspiracy of Silence" on DVD, but unfortunately, I have only been able to find it on VHS.

The video was put out by CBC TV in Toronto... perhaps, if you wrote to CBC - and enough other people did as well - they might consider issuing it on DVD.

12:00pm 06-04-2008
I'd like to obtain a copy of the miniseries 'Conspiracy of Silence' preferably
DVD, but ok on video. Any way possible?? It's a very well done movie.

Thank you.
12:21pm 06-01-2008
12:20pm 06-01-2008
LOL... thanks, Angel, for all of the happy, smiley faces and for the birthday wishes.

1:57pm 05-26-2008
7:42pm 05-15-2008
Two more...
6:30pm 05-10-2008
Thank you and the same to everyone. Many best wishes to all and even to those who are like mothers. I am blessed with four daughters from ages that vary between 15yrs to 5yrs.
and a group hug,
10:25am 05-10-2008
Hi Everyone

I'd like to wish everyone who is a Mother a Happy Mothers Day -

1:18am 05-10-2008
More info...

Blindness at Cannes
10:18pm 05-01-2008
Michael Mahonen
Hi everyone!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Merci! Very nice. : ) I wish all of you Happy Birthday as well, belatedly or in advance.

Thank you for the info on the movie Blindness, Shelly. I personally won't be involved in any of the festivals anywhere, as my involvement in the film is very small. But I hope that their movie does well. The director, Fernando is a real gentleman, pleasant as ever all the time I was there and there were many nice people working on the project.

Be well, all!

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